Mouth Master is a hilarious phrase game designed for parties. You will find laugh out loud fun with your friends and family, while saying different phrases wearing our FDA certified mouth pieces, which make speech sound so ridiculous.

Compared to other similar games, Must Say It is innovative and will add more fun to your play. Episode Mouth Master is firstly featured with two modes: the team play mode and single challenge mode. It is also the first APP to add in camera function and penalty option into the game play. Users can submit to share their recommend phrases so all other users could enjoy the same fun.

How to Play

Basically, each play will need an interpreter and a reader. The reader will put in mouthpiece, and read random phrase to make the interpreter understand exactly. You will get 1 point for making each play. Gestures, sounds but no drawing, writing or other illustrations!

You can set up number of skips, so interpreter could choose to pass that phrase during plays. You can choose penalty option, which will add in more fun.

Must Say It app is pretty straightforward to use; it provides you two modes to play, and losers could be chosen to take penalty after the play. Other than similar games, the Must Say It game allows you to win either through a team or through single battle. You will discover more features on our APP while playing the Must Say It game.

Team Mode

In team mode, each team has 2 players – Readers and Interpreter. A team will make one play in each single round. You can only select even number rounds, so that each player will act evenly both as reader and interpreter in the whole game. One point is awarded to that team for each correct interpretation in one play. The winner will be the team who earned most points.


Single Mode

In single challenge, each player is a single team. Must Say It will randomly pick up the reader and interpreter. However, each player will be granted equal chance to act as reader and interpreter. Each round in the single mode is defined as each player will play as reader once and interpreter once. For each complete play, the reader and interpreter will both get 1 point. The winner will be the player who earned most points.



Attention: as this game includes adult phrases, this APP should only be accessed by adults; any kids using this APP should be supervised by adults. It is your responsibility to protect and supervise your kids

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