The episode Spy Master is a multiplayer mini-game which is inspired by a popular party game called “Who is the spy”. Each player will get a word to describe. Players need to find out who is the spy that has a different word and point out the spy.

How to Play

At the beginning of the game, the host will give each player a word. Most of the words are the same, except one. The player who gets the different word is the spy. All players can only know their own word.

Each player says a sentence to describe the word getting from the host. Attention, the word getting from the host should not appear in the description sentence. During the description session, each player could have a guess on who is the spy.

The vote session comes after all players finishing their word description. Each player has one vote toward who is the spy. The host will judge if the player who gets the most votes is the spy.

If the spy is successfully pointed out, the game is over and the other players win. If the player who get the most votes is not the spy, then the game continues to the next round. If the spy succeeds in fooling the others till the end of the game , the spy wins.

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